Angels Of Churchtown… Where we began!

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I live in a northern seaside town 12 miles North of Liverpool; Southport, famous for Shrimps, Golf and a long pier and where retired footballers live. A Victorian seaside resort which unfortunately is past its heyday.

I was a nurse for many years, and then I went to a meeting about the future of the NHS and left knowing that I had to retire. I had been planning on retiring within the next couple of years. Always knowing I would know when to go and this was the right time. So I left in the summer of 2011- much to the slight bemusement of those who loved me and knew me especially when i said what i was going to do, – why on earth do you want to do that ? We are in the middle of a recession and anyway what do you know about running a shop? And my reply – Nothing, but I have always wanted to do it. The person who was not horrified was the friend I went into business with. She said do it and I will do it with you.

I think the opportunity to do something different came along at a significant times in our lives and for different reasons, it was the right thing for us both at that particular time. Exciting times lay ahead. We found the shop we wanted, did a little market research, approached the shop owners, agonised, and then came to an  arrangement with them. Pawned our tiaras and started the process of taking out a lease on the thatched cottage which was to become Angels .

Our lovely thatched cottage in a pretty street in a village on the outskirts of Southport was going to become a reality. We started thinking about searching out gorgeous goodies and different companies. We went to trade shows (- more about that in future posts.)

On October 22nd 2011 Angels opened for business.

My lovely Marie, with her business head, set Angels up to succeed, for that I am so grateful. Her cool clear thinking and meticulous record keeping stood me in good stead and i do try to follow the path she left behind. We have parted now but remain good friends and I run to her for sensible advice for time to time. I think for her Angels came at the right time in her life and served a purpose and now she is on a different path and loving the way her life has developed. I do miss her and often think what would Marie do when difficult decisions need to be made. Angels would never have been started without her. Thank you Marie from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.